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Heart attacks and heart disease are one of the leading causes of death in both men and women with approximately 735,000 people suffering a heart in the United States each year according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Prompt and quality medical care is the most effective way to treat heart attacks and failing to recognize the signs and symptoms leads to devastating consequences. The attorneys at Osborne & Francis Law Firm PLLC routinely help clients that have suffered additional harms due to medical negligence related to heart attacks.

Negligently failing to recognize and treat heart attack symptoms leads to significant consequences and liability

Emergency room physicians are notoriously busy and under a great deal of stress when treating multiple patients at the same time. However, doctors have a duty to provide the same standard of care and diligence to each patient regardless of extenuating circumstances. The signs and symptoms of a heart attack are sometimes subtle but just as dangerous as the typical crushing chest pain many people associate with heart attacks. Common symptoms of a heart attack include:

• Pain, pressure, squeezing, tightness or aching sensations in your chest
• Pain radiating down your arms
• Nausea and indigestion
• Abdominal pain
• Cold sweats
• Fatigue
• Dizziness

Heart attack signs present differently in each person and may last for hours or days before being recognized. Women, in particular, tend to present very differently are more likely to experience sharp pains in their chest, jaw, back and abdomen.

Hospital negligence makes heart attack treatment and recovery even more challenging

Patients presenting to a hospital emergency department or doctor’s office with symptoms associated with heart attacks must be treated promptly to ensure the best chance at a positive outcome. Statistics show that patients who receive prompt treatment based on early warning signs have a much better prognosis than patients that are misdiagnosed or suffer a delayed diagnosis. Complications from untreated heart attacks include:

• Heart valve problems
• A weakened heart
• Irregular or abnormal heart rhythms
• Heart failure and rupture
• Death

Our malpractice attorneys take the time to investigate the circumstances surrounding your medical care and treatment to determine the most appropriate avenue for recovering compensation for your injuries.

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