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Negligent Security Attorneys Represent Victims of Crimes Committed Due to Lack of Security

Property owners have a responsibility to visitors

Security concerns are increasing in both commercial properties and residential neighborhoods.  Instances of violence or theft are common and often security measures or personnel are inadequate. If you have been a victim of preventable crime on someone else’s property, the negligent security attorneys at Osborne & Francis, PLLC help you obtain compensation for your injuries or losses.  Our firm takes an aggressive approach to personal injury claims, and a lawsuit may be your only avenue to recovering compensation for your losses. We provide the professional attention you deserve, and never accept minimal settlement offers. With more than 50 years of combined experience, our negligent security lawyers have a long history of success

What is a negligent security claim?

Property owners and management have a basic duty to maintain reasonably safe premises. This duty includes preventing any foreseeable criminal acts by using contemporary security measures or hiring trained personnel. Failure to meet this standard could provide the basis for liability in the situations such as:

  • Inadequate lighting or access: A visitor to a movie theater is assaulted while walking in an unlit passageway or hallway, where management failed to replace light bulbs.
  • Poorly trained security personnel: Security guards for a residential neighborhood fail to check vehicle plates or identification to verify right of entry and several robberies occur in a single night.
  • Failure to secure property entry or boundaries: A motel leaves its side doors open and unlocked, allowing unviewed entry day and night, and exposing guests to unexpected assaults.
  • Lack of security cameras or alarm systems: A shopping mall fails to monitor its security cameras, resulting in an assault and theft as a visitor enters their vehicle.

The key element in these examples is that the crime was foreseeable under the circumstances, and through reasonable measures, could have been prevented.

Pursuing compensation for injuries and losses

When you enter privately owned property, you should expect you will be safe and free from harm. If a property owner is found negligent due to inadequate security measures, we pursue compensation for:

  • Medical costs and rehabilitation for injuries Loss of income due to inability to work
  • Loss of valuables, personal effects
  • Damages for mental or emotional distress if a crime is violent or otherwise threatening

Contact our experienced negligent security attorneys today for a free consultation

You do not have to bear the burden of costs and damages if you were injured as a result of negligent, or lack of, security by a property owner. Obtaining recovery is a priority for the dedicated injury attorneys at Osborne & Francis, PLLC Contact us at 561-293-2600 or via email to schedule a free initial consultation.

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