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There are more than 300,000 accidents each year involving commericial vehicles, many injuring or killing innocent motorists or pedestrians. When you have sustained injuries due to an accident with a commercial vehicle, you need an accident attorney with proven experience obtaining the compensation required for medical care and lost income. The skilled Boca Raton commercial vehicle accident attorneys at Osborne & Associates, P.A. have a long history of success securing fair compensation for victims of commercial vehicle accidents.

If you are recovering from serious injuries and unable to work, count on us for dedicated, compassionate advocacy  throughout the entire legal process. We investigate the accident circumstances, communicate with other parties and negotiate with insurers on your behalf.  Commercial vehicle accidents are often caused by the inattention of the driver or poor vehicle maintenance, and we do not permit insurers to avoid responsibility for full payment for your injuries.

Commercial vehicles have a responsibility to share the road safely with other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists

A commercial vehicle accident can occur in many ways, and the driver has a duty to be careful at all times. Our Boca Raton commercial vehicle accident attorneys know Florida personal injury laws and what applies to the unique facts of your accident. In Florida, a commercial vehicle driver must exercise reasonable care when driving so other motorists are not placed in danger. Examples of failure to exercise care when operating a commercial vehicle include:

  • Driver Inattention: A Fed-X or UPS delivery truck backing into a pedestrian on the sidewalk due to driver inattention, or failure to check blind spots.  Commericial drivers may also be distracted by texting or talking on a cell phone, in cab entertainment or talking to unauthorized passengers.
  • Violating Traffic Laws: A private tour bus that does not obey the posted speed limit and is involved in a collision with other vehicles, injuring bus passengers and other motorists.
  • Breaking Federal Regulations for Requried Rest:The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration sets hours of service regulations for commercial vehicle drivers. Required rest periods include:
  1. 11 hour driving limits, after 10 hours off duty
  2. Prescribed 30 minute rest breaks
  3. 60 hour driving limit in a 7 day period

A fatigued driver of a commercial vehicle or 18 wheeler who fails to follow federal regulations, falling asleep at the wheel and in turn, causing an accident , should be found negligent.If these negligent actions result in an accident causing injury to you or passengers in your vehicle, the commercial driver and their employer may be liable for damages.

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